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Garden Compass was founded in California in 1990 as a home and gardening lifestyle brand that connected the U.S. gardening community to each other as well as to garden manufacturers and retailers through the use of print, television, radio programs, customized travel and live events. We are a company that has been around for more than 25 years with the sole mission to help people solve their gardening conundrums and to create lush, beautiful living environments. Witnessing a steady decline in access to local gardening experts and advice worldwide, our focus became addressing this growing market need. Thus, we’ve gradually migrated our popular content to the digital era. Garden Compass Mobile App, website, and e-commerce store make it effortless for gardeners to acquire what they want and need to create a lush aesthetic.

We offer tech-based solutions with a global network of experts, and a personalized user experience, and we’re incredibly excited about it!

We wholeheartedly believe that anyone can cultivate a beautiful outdoor space for their home with the right information accessed in their own time. Our shared love for plants, beauty, outdoor living, and the power of technology inspires us to continue expanding in ways that help you grow and maintain the best garden possible using the most trusted information. Together with you, Garden Compass is leading the era of smarter gardening.

Welcome to Garden Compass

georgewilliams3Our experts are acknowledged as the global gardening gurus. You really should meet them.

Most of them have decades of experience and they have been identifying plants and offering advice for the last three years with us. Their knowledge still amazes me.

Our app has been created to give them a platform to connect with you, the gardeners of the world.

We are changing the way people garden, and I invite you to join us.

Warm regards,


George Williams
COO, Garden Compass

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